Inviting questions from readers

We are up for interesting times ahead. It is very hard to say anything with conviction at this point of time, a few exceptions notwithstanding:

  1. The time tested strategies of value investing will continue to give good long term results irrespective of the directions the general markets take.
  2. The financial misadventures of any kind, to name a few – excessive leverage by corporates or individuals, irrational fascination with the short term, and driving while looking at rear view mirror – will produce disastrous results.
  3. The top 100 companies of any listing of businesses(e.g. ET-500, Fortune 500) will have very little overlap with the top 100 of the current or previous issue.
  4. Defaults by individuals, corporates or sovereign governments will rise and the coming few years will see many previously credit worthy entities shocking the investors even though they think that they have already seen the worst.

 Needless to say, all of ‘us’ are under extreme pressure to decide our next course of action. I’m under similar pressure, although of a different kind, from an internal source(!), to make Unfair Value more interactive and less pedagogic.

 So we are inviting questions from the readers which we will take up for discussion in the forthcoming issue of Unfair Value. Short of giving our opinion on any XYZ stock or the short term direction of the Sensex, we will respond to you with the sense and sensibility your query or concern merits.

 To be fair to the readers posting the questions, your questions will be sorted by our editor, Seema. She plans to interview me, over-the-coffee, and the transcript will be made part of the next issue of Unfair Value.

 I don’t know if the experiment will succeed but I’m willing to ‘cooperate’ with her for at least this month. Don’t be surprised if I get fired for being reticent, uncooperative or showing signs of undeserved megalomania.

 You can post your questions to her at: . Please provide all and only relevant details to get a meaningful answer.




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