The Three Musketeers

You are counting. It's probably 10th time in this hour when you have heard him say “I don't want to lose money”. If it was any other old man you would say "Now shut up and stay away from stocks. If you want to make money, you got to be mentally prepared to lose money. No risk, no gain!"
But then you get to know, this is no ordinary old man. He is Walter Schloss, one of The Superinvestor of Graham-and-Doddsville. He produced a 16% total return after fees during five decades as a stand-alone investment manager, versus 10% for the S&P 500.

And the realization strikes that the only option left is to shut up and listen.

Walter J. Schloss
Presentation at "The Ben Graham Center for Value Investing"
Richard Ivery Schools of Business, Feb 12, 2008

Warren Buffett, doesn't need the weight of his 37billion dollars to impress you. He is not only the richest but his wit and wisdom has turned him into the most respected and most popular investor of our times. In this video, he gives valuable insights into his thinking on investing and life in general.

Warren Buffett addresses students at the University of Florida
October 15th , 1998

Charlie is simply magnificent. He is master of brevity. He can bulldoze a never ending argument with just one word and he doesn't mind offending you if it can put some sense in your brain. To give you an example, once in a shareholder meeting a guy asked him "what is the dumbest thing you ever did in your life". Charlie looked around the auditorium sizing the viewers and then said "I'm not going to answer it here".
You get the first hand taste of his wit and brevity in his conversation with Tom Tombrello, at Caltech. He acknowledges "In terms of humility, I frequently say that when they passed it out, I didn't get my full share. It was a serious problem when I was young but I cured it partially by becoming very rich"

He doesn't even hesitate to take a swipe on his host, Tom Tombrello, chair of Caltech's Division of Physics, Math and Astronomy. When Charlie says "I'm going to touch on my favorite subject, common sense". Tom interjects "which isn't so common" and pat comes reply "See"…and a roar of laughter

DuBridge Distinguished Lecture: A Conversation with Charlie Munger
March 11th, 2008

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